Team Vulcan
The Team Group design team has built a heat spreader with an all new exterior design concept. Not only is the dual coloured design eye catching, but the asymmetric cutting also displays VULCAN's unique style. Consumers can freely choose from the contrasting colours of black and red, or the calming colors of black and gray.

- Asymmetric cutting design heat spreader
- High Quality Aluminium forged heat spreader all-covered.
- Selected high quality IC chips
- 1.2V~1.4V ultra low working voltage
- Support intel XMP 2.0 smart overclocking technology
- QVL approved

Memory Capacity
8GB (1 x 8GB)

Memory Type

Module Type

Memory Speed

Pin Configuration


Error Correction

CL14-16-16-31 1.2V

Heat Sink
Yes (Silver)

Working Voltage
1.2 V

Team Vulcan 8GB Silver Heatsink (1 x 8GB) DDR4 2400MHz DIMM System Memory

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